Entering The Fairytale….

Welcome into the pages of Nature’s Magical Divine Union….

Thank you so much for being courageous enough to venture into this imaginative realm where light can only be witnessed after venturing deeply through the depths of darkness….

My name is Alison and inside this Faerytale Story is where I grew up….

For the majority of my life I have always had one foot in the dream pool of Mother Nature. Growing up with a Seer and a Creator for parents, coupled with the toxic dynamics required to evolve the soul of a Galactic BEing on a Mission, I would often seek solace in the limitless spaces of my imagination…

….but few things could magnify the beautiful things I dreamt up as she could…

Mother Nature’s touch sent a different kind of magic in my soul that I wouldn’t come to understand until I was an adult and it wasn’t spelt like the magic Disney sold us… it was spelt with a “K” like those in my lineages and traditions had taught me. I spell it with a “C” simply because that’s the magical folk I’d like to accompany me on this wild and sacred journey. It’s those that truly believe in movie magic that deserve the gateway to adding that “K”….C may have been good enough for Cookie Monster, but it definitely wasn’t good enough for me! Like Ariel, I always wanted more…. like Belle, I never wanted to settle for less than something real and scared…. and like real “folklore” stories of the elementals, sirens, faeries, water sprites, fire bringers and so many more, I wanted nothing more than my BLOOD “ANCESTORY” to be rewoven, not as something make believe, but as the true traditions and light beings they were in my reality. My guides, allies and magical spirits are a very intrinsic and important part of my daily life. They also played and continue to play a very important role in mine and my children’s lives….

My life looking backwards was the perfect breeding ground for where I sit currently:

At the threshold of EVERYTHING I had previously just called “Dreams”… 

It was here that I took out my journal, because I KNEW and FELT deep down inside my core that I was inside a different place in my life and I wrote, “You are the story now” wow. That was powerful, but finally understanding it wasn’t my power but that of the divine allowed me to finally fully embody it. I was ready to truly LIVE my life. I was tired and exhausted of attempting to make who I truly was inside something digestible for humanity. Either people would come with me as I forged my own path or I would just continue on alone. 

Regardless, it was a new beginning for me…

 Inside this new place of conscious awareness, where I could now create everything live, in each moment from a divine collective viewpoint….sharing my truths as I healed, battled my own shadows and helped any other Nature Warriors I came across along the way…. 

Why wait to share my story?

Why wait till I reached some sort of “ending”? 

I was happily ever after and life was the wonderland, full of paradoxes and paths that all lead to nowhere. This is the never-ending story every time I chose to be consciously present in each magical moment I was creating, that’s where I felt most true. I wanted to LIVE the fairytale because to me these tales weren’t stories, they were a deeply true part of my blood, my bones, my ancestral lines and of course, the teachings of the Tree Elders I was so devotional to in my service. I was spearheading a really important piece to their collective puzzle and I needed to remain focused on that, not how to earn income or which romantic partner would be best suited for me and my children. THOSE were the tales….and whales of a tail they were.

I had been creating this dream of mine since…well actually, “The Story Series” had only been a living, breathing thing since 2019. However, now, in year 2020 and the overall hindsight it provide, it was actually what I had been creating for my entire human experience….so realizing that allowed me to fully let it go. I wasn’t some series, I wasn’t in some story I was the story and my own damn star in this.

It’s a pretty fucking powerful place to be. It’s a knowing. It’s a trust. It’s that place you’ve searched for endlessly, inside others, inside achievements, all over Google “What is my Purpose?”

…. I had finally stopped running from mine and learned to accept it, embody it and co-create it with Nature.

I chose to BE the Faerytale…


Fuck YAAS!

…and deeper in my heart, I chose to be MYSELF, and work diligently to truly embody the inspirational example of that. You see, when you are consciously allowing yourself to be the star of your own show…. that’s where magic truly lives! It’s found in every day living; when you wake up and you feel like you’re here for something bigger than the “dreams” society programmed you to believe you wanted. It’s that place inside your soul that allows you to wander through life continuously allowing death and rebirth of everyone you pass along the way…. It’s beautiful really. There are soooooooo many possible outcomes of reality and I just didn’t want to hang onto any given one!

I wanted to live as the star and light the world up with my presence in that truth, where that leads me fluctuates but mostly it leads me to magic, reviving lost shamanic & Celtic traditions, following the Tree Elders, being an amazing mother, maiden & crone and also sacred union within myself so I can deeply experience the beauty of unconditional love with others as I traverse on.

I was walking Mother Nature’s PURE & Unconditional Love Story and I modelled self love in truth like no other and that was powerfully humbling. The Trees gave me that gift and I vowed to serve them as they have served me more than could ever be expressed through words…

Currently, inside my own story I’m healing myself and reconnecting with my roots, my lineages, the Trees, the Seas and other elements and I’m returning home to the star in the centre of my heart.

I don’t wish on stars because I am one and I believe you are too!

So if you’ve stumbled upon my website and managed to read this far please try wishing on milkweed seeds, I call them “wishers” and allow the dreams of our collective New Earth to breed a world where we are all our own stars, our own dreams and our own fairytale….because THAT is truly what life is supposed to be like!

*disclaimer – I have removed the word “tribe” out of my branding wherever possible as though my Shamanic Indigenous mentors SEE me, I no longer resonate with anything created in the energetic vibration of white colonialism. I believe in a sentient earth where all traditions that embody the truth that WE ARE ONE are revived so Mother Gaia can live in equally unity with Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun.

I believe in Magick.

You are a STAR!!

…..I will be updating and rebirthing something magical, Tree inspired with dance, imagination and illumination when I reach the next chapter in my own unique story….until then, GO TO THE TREES!!! They are our older living Elders and their knowledge is leading us home 🙂 xoxoxo