Personal Reflection

I’m me.

Hi there.

I haven’t written in so long that it seems almost weird to start. I’m not sure where to start or where I plan to take this but all I know is that I enjoy writing…. so write I will.

I’m in such a great place right now. I feel like I’m me again and after years of living as something completely different I can honestly say there’s nothing greater than being who you actually are.


I’ve been living my life according to how I’d like to live it. Honouring my values and accepting myself and others as they are. If things don’t mesh well, I move on. I let go. Recently I lost a “relationship” and a job and numerous other things all in one swift crash. Thankfully I had already been building a foundation of self love and have a great support system that this was probably the first time in my life that I looked at a negative as a positive and thanked the universe for these endings.

Endings can be difficult. They are difficult. However, I see now that when one looks ahead with an open heart full of gratitude and wonder – the world delivers.


I took off on what I now see was a LIFE CHANGING solo trip. I backpacked through Nicaragua and Costa Rica alone. It was amazing. I had ups, I had downs, I met so many interesting and inspiring people…. I learned more in February 2018 than I think I ever have in my life.

One thing I think is making all the difference is my feelings and how I accept them, feel them fully and let them go. We are naturally programmed to suppress our negative emotions and distract, ignore, numb or avoid them. I just couldn’t live like that anymore….so I started really pushing myself to feel those uncomfortable things as the surfaced and when it got scary….I went deeper. I asked myself where they were coming from, what I needed and looked at the opportunity to satisfy those empty unmet needs MYSELF. I don’t judge myself for feeling. I accept myself and how I feel and let them go.

I am so grateful for the time that was given to me right now. I have the opportunity to delve into how I’d like to spend my time and all signs point to nature 🙂 ….trees specifically. I can’t get enough of them and ever since I arrived back from my trip I see the world, myself and nature with new eyes. It’s almost magical.


Anyway, I’m not really sure how this writing will progress but I think I’m ready to start sharing my story and I look forward to the journey of true self love.

I am Alison and I am love.

….and love is one powerful mother fucka.

I keep telling people – it’s good to be back…. and it is, oh it is!! I’m Alison again and nothing could be better than that 🙂



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