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The willingness NOT to act.

For those that know me well the title of this post would NEVER be how anyone would describe me. I act. In fact I historically act so fast there’s little time to assess the consequences or reactions that might follow.

That all changed when I went to Inanitah.


Inanitah was a special transformational community that I lived with in Ometepe Nicaragua and I was forever changed as a result.

Spending time in a tribe is an journey in itself but what I experienced and discovered in the Shamanic Healing course I took there in the jungle was impactful to say the least.

I had already found a Shaman ten years prior and so the events that led me to this experience were no coincidence and I was open to my experiences in a different way. I was finally ready to heal. I was older, wiser and grounded enough to take on the crazy that would literally transform life as I knew it.


A shaman is considered a medicine man or woman of sorts. They are believed to be able to travel along all planes of existence to different realms and believe in the magic and power of nature. Shaman’s “journey”or they can guide others in journey’s to different realms in space and time and they use these deep meditative states to access deep into the subconscious. Believing that imagination is a tool that is under used and a philosophy that nothing is good or bad, everything just is. Accepting the shamanic path is accepting responsibility for everything in your life. As shaman’s believe that all experiences are created for the growth of the soul. The simple purpose of evolution and the path of unconditional love and detachment. They leverage feelings as valued informants and practice grounding through nature and using the viewpoint of their own heart to calm the mind so answers from our deepest places can emerge.

Most people believe that Shaman’s are crazy and insane.

I actually happen to be one of those people 😉 ha!

…and even though I am choosing to walk a shamanic path I tend to isolate things and label them as imagination and label it as such, but it DOES heal and your mind IS a powerful tool. We can literally create our own reality and so it is also a Shaman’s agreement that one must be in alignment with the divine. One’s intentions must be pure of heart.


During one of our journey’s to the upper world everything I am changed. We had gone on this particular journey to speak to our spirit guide and ask them what our spirit name was. I won’t be sharing my name (if you’re close to me you know already anyway) but afterwards we used Runes to decode our names into symbols and my guide keep stressing that I had “double energy” of this specific rune, and that that was important for me to remember.

Which brings us back to the title of this post….

“The willingness NOT to act”

I laughed.

I thought it was hilarious that my guide would tell me I should pay attention and respect that I had this in double time….but it changed the way I lived.


Every time I had an impulse instead of acting on it, I’d research more, ground more, connect to myself and then act. Even my conversations with others changed. I stopped chiming in as much and waited for others to take charge. This isn’t to say I’m passive, or that I don’t still talk a lot. I was just finally willing not to act. The longer I left things, the more knowledge and factors I could apply to them and the better things would work out for me.

I’m coming into what I hope know will be a game changing new beginning in my life and it’s been hard not wanting to chase things, make things happen and fight for what I want. However, there’s a certain satisfaction knowing that if something should happen, it will. I’ve been balancing be patient and putting the work in. For the willingness not to act does not mean inaction. Not to me anyway.

I feel strong in myself and this new found calmness.


I feel calculated and sure.

I am always willing to dive into something and make quick decisions as needed but that one journey in my mind, in my imagination, completely transformed me….

….and I like who I am even more now 🙂

If you ever have any questions for me about anything I write about let me know!

Love & Light,

Alison xo


 – Have you ever tried to give yourself a different lens or perspective on who you are and how you act? 

           I think this is the first time I was able to do it without judgement. I don’t think my impulsiveness is am flaw. I just welcome this new perspective which gives me clarity on when to trust my impulses and when to sit tight 🙂

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