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So, I was almost an Arborist.

As I ventured out on this journey of self discovery I was plagued with the question of what do I do with my life?

It was pretty obvious trees play an intricate role in my life….

…but the main reason I felt compelled to choose the path of an Arborist was because


I am following a spiritual path that seemed to align with trees specifically and so I wanted to align my “9-5” (which for an arborist is literally 6-6 :P) with where my heart was. My heart belongs to mother earth and her trees are my teachers so it just made sense to develop my mental and physical skillets alongside them as well.

I’ve actually never, ever, not even as a mother, have dedicated my life to something over myself in this way before. I am so aligned with myself that the trees feel like my blood and for that reason I trust serving them. I asked them repeatedly to align me with the path that best served them.

How could I help them?

What did they need from me?

So it was pretty perplexing when I landed not only a job offer to become an arborist apprentice BUT one that was literally a dream come true on paper and I declined it.


Landing a position with Safe Tree was proof manifestation and guided action yield results. It was crazy that I was actually interviewed by several tree companies and actually offered a spot in this trade, especially for an inexperienced female. We only connected to each other based on a series of coincidences and our friend network. I had a truly authentic interview with Ivan and Ben and I left that day feeling really grateful to be considered for such an awesome opportunity. Not many business owners would open themselves up in such a way, taking a risk on me and my lack of industry knowledge. I felt like they believed in my sales and business acumen and it reaffirmed that I shouldn’t toss those talents away. I should just be using them differently. I felt I aligned with not only the company, but with each other and the vision of why we work with trees.


I am grateful for them because they let me work a full day in the field with them and no other company gave me that opportunity.  The job they proposed was pivotal in the development of their business as well as getting time in the field. It was legit a DREAM written down. Office, business development, admin, chainsaws, going back to school, plant health care and social media! The company even saw the value in tree preservation and the more I delved into the industry, the more I realized how this valuable mindset is really lacking there.

However, when I went to feel it out it felt EXACTLY the same way that I had felt previously when I accepted the role of Executive Assistant even though I KNEW I didn’t want it. So instead of repeating a mistake when I felt I SHOULD go that route I politely declined and thanked them.

they even had DOGS!!! ❤

They were completely supportive and parts of me still wonder how trees will play a role in my career but I know I made the right decision. I am happy sharing my knowledge of the forest and how people can heal themselves through being in it. I just couldn’t do things I disliked anymore. I will never again sacrifice my freedom or joy again for perceived success and money.

I am so proud of myself…..but I still resonate with Lorax, so who knows…. maybe that’s going to build as I continue to walk the Shamanic Path. For I definitely still heal trees as I spread their gifts of unconditional love to others. Nature heals me and in retrospect, I sometimes wonder if THAT’s how this works out – trees heal me so I can heal others….

… part of me will ever not be dedicated to the forest. So I’m completely open to see how things play out naturally.

Love & Light,

Alison xo

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