Nature Heals, Path of The Shaman

From Indigo to the Forest

I’m so grateful for the opportunity Indigo on Brant gave me this week. It was refreshing for me to be back in a retail space. Especially one designed to attract a mixture of unique souls in an inviting, relaxing atmosphere.

The fact that I got to be there representing not only myself as a brand, but also share information that is extremely core to my being was priceless. Nature and Spirituality (rooted for me in the path of the Shaman) are two things that I really found people wanted more information on. Which, to me is amazing!!

Indigo at Brant in Burlington, ON

I brought some of my personal items and “forest findings” and tools I had made to my table and although I am working towards my certification as a Coach, which I assumed the “real” world would relate to more, I was incorrect. I was taken aback by how much everyone was actually more drawn to my nature healing aspects and my own “crazy” Shamanic journey.

I added a personal journal to my table that I had written in during a solo backpack trip in South America and was happy that people wanted to read it, not to mention even purchased the same one! Having such raw, personal aspects of myself out on display was extremely vulnerable for me but it made sharing my services and personal journey easier and more relatable.

Taken in the tribal village of Inanitah

I had numerous customers ask me about the Full Moon (which was earlier this week) in regards to ceremony, the practice of smudging, talking to spirits, dream journeying, using tarot or oracle decks, as well as intention setting and auto-writing (which some would call channelling). I actually get asked a lot about following nature as a leader of healing self and people seem so intrigued by Shamanism and how they can learn more about it. So it is something I plan to address more on both my Facebook Page and Instagram accounts.

A night of the Senses at Indigo on Brant

Without going into too much detail here, I will always deliver this same piece of advice:


So you don’t necessarily need all the fancy tools, you just need clear intention. Our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality so if you’d rather buy a nice candle from Indigo that matches your home decor it would work the same as a “magic” candle purchased from a new-age store….that is, as long as your intention is the same for each. That’s the secret to all magic; your intention.

The night really inspired me to keep going and sharing my gifts with others but it is nature that continues to propel me forward along this path of healer. So much so that before I have anything big in my life happening I make sure to consult with her first.

Main Loop – Dundas Valley Conservation Area

So while some may prepare for meetings, client sessions and/or events by meditation, or exercise or even in a hot bath, I go deep into the forest. It is only there that I feel truly connected to spirit, myself and my path of service. Service is something that only gained value to me once I was in alignment. By alignment I mean walking my souls purpose – which is to connect more people to nature, and in turn to themselves.

This Maple is filled with a supportive, grounding energy. I use tree meditations with clients suffering from generalized Anxiety Disorder

Nature is who we are and as you truly begin feeling that fact, the world around you transforms. This wooly bear caterpillar crawled over my hand without hesitation, as I vibrate at the same frequency as the forest floor. For I truly believe that we are one in the same. When you give yourself this gift of oneness you soften the ego, begin to feel less separated and look at wildlife with new eyes – almost like those of a child.

These caterpillars were also used as a weather predictor in many Native Villages as it was a signal to prepare for winter.

Through this child-like perception of the world we are anew again, we are free. We can be anything we can dream up, we can become a part of something bigger, we can feel less alone as we tackle our day-to-day and show up for ourselves and our loved ones with the sense of purpose and energy we need for our demanding schedules.

The outside world will always be something I hope to shed light on because to me it is FREE healing, that is available to everyone. Even taking a small breath outside with your back up against a tree will provide you with much more than the same conscious breath taken indoors. So my advice to all the Indigo visitors and anyone reading this post is to get up, and walk outside. Take your kids, spouse, friends, because even just one moment in the outdoor world is one moment we can feel truly connected to our heritage, our roots and our inner animal.

Orchard in the Dundas Valley – home to many migratory and permeant bird species

ALL of which are deeply ingrained in our core being. Nature offers us a inexpensive opportunity to delve deeper into who we are and when you know who you are, you can begin to add value, purpose and clarity to how you’d best like to serve others.

That to me is magic and that to me is healing. So once again THANK YOU INDIGO for inviting me, “Nature Girl” into your Well-Being section this week. I truly feel blessed to be apart of the collective consciousness that is starting to realize that we need to “rewild” ourselves and we need to feel more connected and the ways of the past are worth exploring because the medicine men and women, shamans, sages and healers of the past had it figured out. We only need to pick and choose which practices resonate with us as we look backwards to move forward.

If anyone has any more questions about me or my services, guided hikes and/or dance therapy classes please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love hearing your stories!



Do you incorporate nature in your life?

In which ways do you find it helpful as a healing tool? 




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