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Oh Alice in Wonderland…

…it has to be one of the most imaginatively inspiring tales I had both read, watched in musical form and cartoon and live…fuck, one time a guy I had a brief soul collision with even showed me porn rendition of this classic tale. As a child I would spend hours amongst the flower beds, fields and trees and would often make believe I was just like her. I like what Alice represents and I really adored the latest Tim Burton movies but more so because Danny Elfman did the musical score and I have always dreamed of having him write the soundtrack to my own Story.

However, in the mean time. I just dance in them instead. Yes, both the cartoon Disney soundtrack and the latest one by Elfman have some pretty inspiring songs when you’re creating a Story that’s all about ones connection with nature, and thus self. My connection with nature has led me into the deep knowing that all nature holds great magic. So living in soundtracks that inspire different emotional experiences can be quite the magic trick one needs to get out of their ‘muggle mind” and into their spirit!

I can’t tell you how many times I have listened to the song “Alice” from the Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton Movie Soundtrack. I could not even guess. I venture thousands and if not thousands, hundreds at least! I have cried tears of joy with my guides in my car to that song, I have fought invisible hurdles, and enemies, collected an army, marched throughout the forest and yes, I have definitely moved free in my #danceyouryou energy in it a lot. However, never did I ever imagine that I would end up dancing it solo on an instagram live actually surrendering and listening to the Trees messages as the devoted Warrior to the Trees I am.

I won’t lie I was proud of this accomplishment when I played it back. When you look at this you probably shrug, heck you might even get bored, maybe you’ve been following me for a while and you love it, maybe to you it’s epic…or maybe you didn’t even watch long enough because the beginning was a slow go with some “mistakes”, but regardless this is how I speak for them. The movement is The Story and my dances are direct channelled messages from the Trees through me to you.

I was absolutely honoured to create this embedded Tree Message Narrative for you. I felt proud that I truly flowed in the channel, I took decisive actions, that I kept on even when I was physically exhausted. I trusted the Maple Tree that I was connecting to and I think that shines through in my movements. Doing the narrative overlaid on the dance is something I did only watching myself and I did it in one take. My words are the messages I hear from the Trees and recently I found writing them on my dance vids added to the service I hoped they would provide, but this, this is something I did effortlessly. So it must be right. I was so honoured to dance and speak the Tree Elders messages to you! I hope it aides you along your own unique journey’s, as it has me. Please let me know what you think of the piece 🙂

If you’re still reading I thought I might get even more real with you and share more about this song in regards to The Story Series. The one thing I always envisioned in my mind whenever I had previously “played” or imagined in this song before was other people…and lots of them. So again, I found it hard not to picture other epic warriors dancing with my in this above video. In my biggest dreams there’s a scene I have written set to that song where it starts out with just one person and we all continue marching along gathering more and more and more warriors for mother earth….until we all stand proudly across the top of a hill, prior to cascading down in a see of love for Mother. In some of my earliest visions of the story I had originally wanted to film it as the trailer for my YouTube channel then it would shift and then I wanted it as the Season finale. I pictured NG being captive (danced to this wicked song Algorithm by Muse) mostly because I loved playing with the idea that i was trapped inside and invisible box. That would be fun AF as an imaginative movement artist.

Anyway, I had wanted to close the year on Nature Girl captive, oh no! the suspense! Don’t worry the story is different now so this isn’t a spoiler of any kind, more like an original draft I’m sharing with my creative process.

So with myself captive I had originally hoped to open the next Season with the Song Scene “Alice”.

Picture it: I’d have the Nature Warrior symbol on a fallen flag on top of the hills of tall grass and golden rod and do a drone pan to it really close up, you know with the hand of Jack (The Druid Wizard) reaching down to retrieve it. He would then start walking or marching rather as others, all the ones I had met along my journey would join in a continuing march that would end at ANG’s lair (at that point my antagonist was Anti-Nature Girl…a character than did not make the cut into the final Story Series). Anyway the music score switches and I imagined scenes of all the Nature Warriors creeping down the corridors broken up with shot of NG hearing them coming. Then they would break NG out of the prison and she would reclaim her position as their leader in an epic battle scene that would be the next Episode in the Story Series. However that never happened…

….so I just kept writing the scenes and kept dancing in the characters alone. It’s funny because I’m sure it looks like I don’t want people in on my dances but the opposite is true. I have full fucking SCENES for multiple dancers and since I never stopped creating it, this to me, is very much still in play. The Story Series for me feels very divinely guided. It’s a story about true unconditional love and all the characters and even nature all take us through different examples of that truth. It’s my greatest dream to make this dream a reality in the physical realm….hence why I’ve started just BEING my truest self now and blogging about it. May as well let you into my Story, everyone supporting me has been a huge part of it’s creation and I’m honoured to be more open about my individual journey to fulfill my destiny as one of the Great Tree Keepers as I train to be a true Warrior of the Forest.

Who knows…

Maybe I will run into you on my path, maybe we can exchange information, love, aid or whatever else spirit calls along the journey that is this human experience.

Until next time,


-Nature Girl



  1. What was your favourite childhood fairytale?

mine was probably Beauty & The Beast because Belle is one badass babe walking in her truth…but who doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland. 

2. What did you think of the Narrative Dance Story?

3. How do you access your inner child’s imagination?

movement, music and nature. 

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