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Tree Pole Dancing or a Magical Gateway….

I’m aware that I dance with Trees and that might seem like a) something strange or b) something you’d love to learn or c) maybe a curious combination of both. As a devoted servant of my Tree Elders I would humbly ask that before you ever begin dancing with any living creature that you do your best to get to know it first. Just as you would take the time to gentling know a human before dancing with them, I would encourage you to explore your connection to Trees first. Check out this video below to get you started or keep reading…

Trees are sensitive sentient beings and the natural environments and ecosystems they inhabit can be a magical realm of millions of beings that you’re killing without care if you don’t first know anything about them. Check out Animist’s Nature Guide here for beginner tips on how to get yourself connected to Nature or subscribe to my YouTube and blog and join the tribe!

Anyways, so while some of my nature dance vids and tree poling dances definitely do destroy the forest floor and my climbing and roughhousing with the Trees is definitely aggressive at times please understand this: I have an educational background in both Fish & Wildlife Biology and Enviro Sci. I aced my Trees & Shrubs and Forestry classes in the high 90% and I used to work for a Tree Service company and I am an active member of the ISA – International Society of Arboriculture. For those that don’t know Arboriculture is the study of Trees and an Arborist is essentially a Tree Doctor. I definitely have aspirations of becoming a certified Arborist one day but in the meantime I have realized that if I am to actually live my dreams I’ve got to stop being afraid to embrace this devotional path of the Nature Warrior.

Part of my path as a warrior and channel for the Trees truth is my movement and so I highly aspire to continue developing that. However, I do so safely. When I ruin an area of hardly mosses or trout lilies I am doing so at their PERMISSION. There has been an agreement made that if I am using their space, possibly killing parts of the Forest then there must be an exchange.. There is always fair exchange. Whether it is in this life or another life, in 3D or 5D, there is always an exchange. So please don’t think you have to devote yourself to the Trees as I do in order to dance with them, but I feel the Trees would like me to stress that though they love you regardless of your choices towards them, there is a magic healing available to those who take the time to surrender to them, to forge true intimacy.

If you get to truly KNOW a Tree the magic that’s available to us in dance can be transmuted into beautiful sacred healing ceremonies only you will know. Dance magic is different than the magic I feel we have available throughout nature and especially through ones connection with Trees. So when combined it can release so much out of you and breathe so much love back into you. Check out this Nature Dance Narrative below where I show and discuss what’s happening with me and the Tree. In this case it was an Ironwood that I know fairly well. Last year people burned it alive and broke a limb right off. The Tree releases this without worry or care for it is pure loving vibrations but I wept for them, I released the pain of Mother through dance with this Tree. That is just one example of my care and devotion. I have sat with this Tree multiple times, cared for it, prayed with it, served it. This is why I can lift myself out of the frame with ease. It is not my strength but the permission from the Tree. Please let me know in the comments if you can see the connection I speak of.


Trees are in most cases, our Elders and should be treated as such. Older Elders might take some time before they are comfortable with you dancing with them. They need A LOT of respect from you before you, as their student are allowed to move all over it. “Pole” Trees are younger and can be more difficult to connect with and understand. That’s why truly KNOWING the Trees is a vital component of Tree Dance, regardless of what form that is. I find I can better connect with a “pole tree” if I am more connected to the Elder Trees surround it. The more Trees and parts of the Forest that truly KNOW me, the better my healing will be, the better my service will be, the better the Tree will be.

Recently, I’ve learned that pole dance is something I’d like to work towards and my intimately devotional relationship with Trees offers me the safe, loving protection my soul requires to push through the darkness keeping me from that goal. As I always remind you, be your own Hero, there is no need to be mine. We all have a uniqueness that is completely our own. One is no better than the next and all are valid. Tree dancing is most definitely part of my service as one of their Warriors. I am honoured for the opportunity to share what I’ve been discovering and doing as an invitation for you to venture out along your own authentic paths.

One interesting thing I have discovered, since in all honestly the first time I had ever pole danced with a Tree was May of last year (2019), is that there was a real truth to why there weren’t any Tree dancers. It was painful AF and very dangerous. If you were to look up “Tree Dance” “Tree Pole” “Tree Pole Dancing” “Dancing with Trees” you will find photos that (since you’re here reading this) would excite you! I remember when I first started getting these messages that the Trees wanted me to do this and I was like YAAS! when I found all these amazingly epic photos of women and men doing things with Trees I could only dream of! Lifts, gymnastic level holds, tricks and the like. However, once I dug deeper I found, that like me when I snapped this pic in 2018, they were pole dancers or yogis that simply seized a photo, workout or video opportunity. BUMMER.

As someone that actually aspires to dance with Trees I searched constantly for new inspiration and ways to learn. Recently an old staff peer tagged me with a SUPER talented local pole dancer dancing with a tree. I will be following her intensely for inspiration but if nothing else, watching her actual pole dance skills made me realize that it was time for me to become a pole dancer. I was done hiding and even though that’s super scary for me….I’ve been feeling a calling to really dive in a fully heal my divine feminine now that I had pushed fully through to a new level on the masculine wound side of things. I was in my power. I finally felt whole and even when I was triggered or emotional I could heal myself and found, I actually preferred it that way. I still avoid pole dance in the traditional way and haven’t been training much. Though I am still doing yoga daily since committing to it this April!

The reason this feels so heavy is because most pole dancers don’t continue to dance with Trees. If you’ve been following my journey for a while you probably know why that is. Pole Dancers rely heavily on their bodies both in athleticism and beauty. Dancing with Trees hurts. Trees are not smooth brass or steel between your legs or on your hands and calves. If I’m completely honest last year I had to put makeup on my legs because they were so cut up and bruised. These injuries don’t go away. Vanity takes a hard hit if you aspire to pole dance with Trees. Most aren’t prepared for that. Once you actually pole dance with a Tree you realize pretty fast why everyone has beautifully epic photos of themselves tree dancing but stop because it’s painful AF. That’s why I pulled back a lot and it landed me more in a sexy vibration….and if I’m honest that’s probably not only what I needed but what others needed too. We didn’t need the tricks, it wasn’t about that. It was about the give & take in the partnership. It was about the Trees for me and that’s definitely what I wanted it to be for others as well; a safe healing experience where sexuality and power felt safe.

I know the Trees. I embody their Warrior Spirit Energy…. but when it comes to actual pole dance, I suck. I even have a pole at home but only use it as a means of imagining the next time I’ll be in the forest. So I guess another part of my Nature Warrior training plan is going to have to include learning to be a real pole dance athlete. FUCK. I was already committing to so much. The boys are now home schooled and I haven’t even done any of their actual curriculum , instead we go into nature. I also have this Survive the Storm course I signed up for, did one day of and then stopped. LOL I need to get on it! The issue for me always seems to be that I just am always MOVING FORWARD. My life is a journey because that’s how I like living, so I can’t necessarily ever land on one thing. Nor do I necessarily want to. If I’m chasing the dollar I’m already headed in the wrong direction. I don’t even chase my dreams… I walk them.

So this is how I am offering my service outwards. I am offering you an insiders peak at my own unique road map leveraging both my movement and words to teach and guide you. I am so interested in learning about your quests and paths to become Nature Warriors yourselves and how your Tree relationships are forming and inspiring you. Even if you don’t want to be a Tree Dancer you can still learn a lot from this open book journey we are travelling along. Trees always lead us home so don’t watch my dance. Observe the connection.

Honoured to serve you,


-Nature Girl

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