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Sometimes Real Life Bleeds into Fantasy….

….Since we are all legit IN The Story Series now and I stumbled upon this Disney Nature Dance vid I had done with Chauntell from Earth in Sky and Chauntell, for those that don’t already know has inspired a Main Character in The Story Series….

…I thought, Why not keep going….

…so yes, Enchaunti, who is Chauntell’s own “imaginary” Alias is best friends with Raven and great Nature Warrior ally to NG herself. I won’t go into the many great details of what I’ve pictured, created and written around this interesting half elf/half human Goddess but I thought it nice to share how inspiring one’s real connections can be when you’re creating YOUR own Story.

Actually there are scenes in The Story Series between Raven (who is a character based off darker and different parts of myself) and Enchaunti that have paralleled things that have happened between Chauntell and I in the muggle realm, or vice versa. When you’re writing anything PLEASE be aware words are a great powerful source of magic and should be wielded very carefully. I didn’t realize I was writing myself legit into a Fairytale and now, there’s coronavirus instead of a Dark Magician sucking the light from the forest… but in  the 3D muggle realm they are cutting humans off from Nature. There are definitely interesting parallels for sure. Some scenes I would write and then their muggle 3D equivalent would manifest and begin to unfold before my very eyes or on the contrary, things would shift in the muggle realm and have The Story Series completely change directions when the next “Sogn Download” hit me and uncovered new things about the characters along their individual paths.

To illustrate this point – the below video was Chauntell encouraging me to dance to Madonna’s Frozen and she said she felt called that “Alison really needed this” so danced we did and I can’t even begin to tell you what unfolded afterwards….an entire healing scene with Raven and Enchaunti in The Story Series came alive in my mind as, what I refer to as “Song Downloads”, essentially it’s a divine channel and a video plays in my minds eye as I move inside the scene and then write down everything I can remember. They are live journey’s so to speak. This was crazy since Raven is WAY off her path in The Story Series and is broken and heartless. Enchaunti still loves her unconditionally as she is healing her with her own Forest Magic and this real scene totally inspired that scene I’d eventually like to shoot in character in the future.

Some other times I have already had the “Song Download” so I know what the Scene is and in hindsight I wish that I had known Chauntell was such a natural imaginative magical queen in the forest….because had I known I would’ve totally “Set” the scene prior to dancing in it. As I have an entire Story Series Scene for that track too! That’s another story for a different day though. Check out our imaginative, playful dance as we explore two different stories in one song, I did this Nature Dance Narrative for those looking for inspiration to reactivate the playful parts of themselves.

Ideally, I don’t want to disclose too much of the full Story Series to you all yet because though you are my loyal Nature Tribe I feel strongly that we WILL film many of the scenes once we can be together in the physical again! Until then, I hope you’re all enjoying my open book concept and creative process. It’s super fun to finally be able to share and talk about it! Let me know what’s you’re all creating! Who are your characters?!?

…and just because I love you so much….

I’d love to tell you The Story Series Scene that I’d LOVE to shoot Into The Unknown to….. just as I have told you a bit about what I truly wanted “Alice’s Theme” to look like, I’d love to share this with you. I hope the way you can physically see this has manifested in my own muggle reality will inspire you to start crafting your own fairytale!

Into the Unknown… that’s exactly how I had felt. I was currently working a muggle job at a Tree Service company but deep inside my soul I didn’t feel like I was serving them at all. I envision Alison, me sitting at work as I begin to hear the calls from the Great Tree Keepers and set out into Shorthills Park (which is where I hiked at lunch) and from there the scene goes on to have me ended in full NG status to set out to follow the Trees calling, leaving my muggle job and that realm behind me. Little did I know this would physically manifest in 3D reality and I ended up giving my notice not even a month later. People always assume I live in a land of play and pretend….but how long can one hear the call of the Forest and deny it.

How long can your heart know your path and you go against it?

All I knew was that I couldn’t anymore and the Trees didn’t need me to be helping a company cut dead Ashes. They needed me to up my Nature Warrior skills and begin training the others as I ventured out on my TRUE Hearts’s calling to return Magic to the Forest and humanity as we now knew it.

I love that I got to experience a mixture of my vision and Chauntells as we danced together Into The Unknown and healing our little children inside 🙂 It was such a great memory and who knows! Maybe that entire song download scene will change in the future when it’s finally a movie.

Thanks for reading!


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