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“Meeting” Gavin….

…a Huntsman.

Ha! Of course that’s who a Nature Warrior would naturally attract once she was finally feeling like a whole being. It seemed so obvious now, looking back why wouldn’t a devoted warrior attract another soul who was also deeply devoted in service to Mother Nature… but fuck, I don’t necessarily write this shit, it more often than not, writes itself. Everyone told me Fairytales weren’t true anyways and though the Disney versions inspire my inner child’s imagination or #PeterPanPower, they sure weren’t what I desired. No way, my version of a dream fantasy was more of a romantic adventure filled with nature and a deep sense of purpose. If anyone deserved a Fairytale spring romance in alignment with Natures innate flow of newness, it was me.

I don’t even feel entitled saying that aloud. I had been diligently doing the inner work required to both attract a healthy romantic partner and to be one. I had been through my own versions of dark knight of the soul and fought through old patterned attachments along my path to Elyk and Karm, even Animist at one point! For fucksakes I deserved a reciprocated love! I deserved a man bold enough to pursue me but kind and patient enough to allow me to lay my sticks down once in a while.

Not everyone in the muggle realm that passes through or collides with my experience inspires a Character in The Story Series. However, when someone does, it is not my choice, but that of Spirit.

Yes, I definitely believe this process is being divinely guided, as I have previously mentioned, and though I used to doubt that; now, I had to trust it. Especially since we were legit inside it. I had to let go of the illusion of control and trust that when spirit flowed through me I would post or film and share appropriately in The vibration of The Forest, which is what I regularly aligned myself and The Story Series with.

In this open book concept, like a window into my lives; both muggle and fantasy realms, all of a sudden TONS of potential content was an understatement. I was drowning in a creative flowstate Kyle referred to as the JK Rowling of Nature. Ha! However, I had to trust that I had everything I needed to make this into something solid. I won’t lie, sitting back an allowing your own story to unfold is fun AF! The major gift of it being the realization that Spirits works through your core mission and The Story Series was part of mine. This had me feeling stronger and more confident in my own truth; being a Devoted Warrior of the Forest striving along on her path to take her place as one of The Tree Keepers. Having finally stepped into my authentic truth energetically invited those friends and allies that had been assigned Characters an opportunity to truly play and co-create in them. In this way I felt reassured that The Story Series had to be serving someone out there, if not, it would at least serve my own healing, others who ventured inside it and that of The Trees by my own example.

Anyway, yes, Gavin…

I believe I had mentioned that I get these “Song Downloads” where I can’t even control it; the movement flows through me as vivid scenes play like movies through my mind. Sometimes I’m a different character in first person, sometimes I’m myself, Nature Girl and sometimes I watch these “Scenes”  go down as if I were just a curious spectator. When these downloads are happening I begin to get curious as I dance/act out scene scapes playing in my imagination and the music. After it’s a race to find a pen and paper as I just start writing as much as I can remember. Occasionally I’ll add notes indicating another song download scene that may come prior of after the one just created. Those song downloads are draft number one, and the most raw form of any and all of this story. The channels are heavy on me and my body and at first I could get lost in them if I wasn’t careful. It got worse outside because nature always adds in SO MUCH more than I could ever imagine and then I am left with hundreds of self videos with me outlining scenes and character relationship unlocks or plot twists even I, the creator, never saw coming….

but nothing thus far had compared to the first time I “met” Gavin….

I was in my apartment and I was in a Story Series flow state that I had actually been in for days. As mentioned these states could get dangerous as they would continue for days…sometimes weeks, I found it easy to get lost in them.  However, now that I know how to leverage The Forest to ground them, I’ve learned not to suppress these states. Going “inside” The Story Series was a flow state I had to seize as they definitely come and go. So just as a writer would experience a block in creative flow, so do I. Plus, I’ve learnt how to ground them a lot more as I’ve unlocked deeper magic in the Forests I co-create with. So, I allowed myself the opportunity to remain in the flow of the story.

So, as I was saying….

I was in my apartment and the song “The Library” from Beauty and the Beast by Alan Menken came on an instant a scene began to form in my mind….

….my body is always the first to follow the images and feelings and I knelt down on my cold apartment floor right away. I knew I was feeling sad but I didn’t yet know why. Instead of blocking these images and experiences out I have learned to get curious; Who am I? why do I feel this way? Why am I kneeling? Who is with me?

In this particular scene….. I was Nature Girl and I was with a badly wounded Artew.

Artew, for those that don’t know, is one of my power animal guides that I fetched from the underworld in a shamanic journey with Vinod in the jungles of Nicaragua. In muggle realm he was simply an imaginary ally, in The Story Series, he was a real Celtic Stag partner in crime any Nature Warrior could only dream of having on their side. He was strong, but soft, gentle but stern, quiet yet always bold in his leadership, his beautiful antlers were branches whose state mirrored that of the seasons and currently in this song download scene, it was early spring and he was dying.

“Artew!! please!!!” I cried out, legit cried aloud in my apartment as these scenes are so real for me to be in sometimes while I’m experiencing them….

I was kneeled beside him in the download holding my hands over his bloody wound, completely unaware of the previous scenes leading up to this, as I hadn’t written them yet. I knelt there in my apartment and it was there, in my imagination that I first noticed him. There, in the deep lush bushes that lined the dewy clearing we were in, I could see his face and those eyes. I definitely had recognized those eyes as the same ones that had been there in the shadows when I had passed through the Leprechaun Valley with Karm months prior. As I was experiencing this, I remembered that I had also seen those eyes before in my waking life; muggle realm. So I relaxed, as I knew him as a good energy as this new Character stepped out closer to us in the clearing; I recognized him as a Huntsman.

I smiled.

His outfit reminded me of something of a different time, but if I was honest most of the characters outfits often did. Ha! I hadn’t met any other muggles thus far on my journey and my own clothing had even changed quite drastically as I forged along on my Warrior path. He had a beautifully handcrafted bow, with some interesting symbols carved into it. The bow was tucked away at his side as he approached us eventually tossing it and his quiver down gently on the forest floor.

Those eyes.

I knew I had seen them more than I’d care to admit, maybe almost watching over me on my journey. I remembered seeing something in the dark when I was alone after Elyk and I had parted ways, him venturing after Raven without me as I kept my focus on retrieving that Sceptre. Sigh, I no longer had Animist on my side either now, since I had awkwardly confessed romantic attached feelings for him but ran away instead of discussing it. Anyway that’s definitely a part of this Fairytale for another day….

As I crouched there beside Artew, I yelled out to the stranger in the woods “Please! Please! can you help us!?” gasping with tears down my cheeks the huntsman just looked at me in silence, as he slowly advanced towards us. He said nothing. Absolutely nothing but I felt a certain calmness wash over me as he solidly held my gaze and knelt down across from me on the other side of Artew quivering body. Just as his hand reached into his satchel, I said, more softly now, “Who are you?” as he continued to pull out some sort of salve and mulched leaves of sorts. His gaze from the mixture back to me, and though he still said nothing, he took both my hands in his and placed the salved mixture into them before gently pressing my hands back over Artew’s wound.

I looked up at him and just stared as it had been quite a while since I had felt another humans warm touch on my skin. There was a trust present between us that I couldn’t really place, it felt like it had been so long now since I had left the muggle realm to follow the calling of The Tree Elders, but before I could even say anything, he was gone; like a introvert at a party, you hardly noticed his exit.

“Hey! Where are you going?! What should I do? Please… please…” I called out in desperation as my dearest animal ally was still lying helplessly on the grassy forest floor. “Please don’t leave us…” I whispered as I lay my head down on top of Artew’s side and cried soft prayers to the surrounding Fairies and Trees. 

Then, just like that he was back, almost as if he had never left. He was toting a bush-crafted stretcher type contraption made of chopped pine branches and what appeared to be stretched out deer hide, hopefully Artew wouldn’t notice. He came over to us and carefully lifted the stag onto the soft stretched hide as he said “The name’s Gavin” his voice was different than I thought it would be… “and you’re Nature Girl, I’ve been following you for several days now”

The contrast of his steady and carefully chosen words with the previous silence was interesting to me, I never did trust someone so aware of their words – words are daggers ready to charm and wordsmiths seemed to be a weakness of mine. Karm’s words alone were dreams I still chose to muse over in times I was lonely, not to mention Brad… Oh for fucksakes why would I even bring him up, he was such a thing of the past… but perhaps another tale for another time or why would Spirit have me bring it up?

“You’ve been following me?!” I acclaimed, “Why?! What the Fuck!? that’s creepy AF …Gavin? is it?”  “You know that feels violating” I yelled out a bit more forcefully as I reached back to wield my sticks around. “Hey now!” He acclaimed with his hands raising up in front of his chest in defence, “I think it’s clear by my actions I mean no ill intent. I keep track of the grounds here and I noticed you were loud, alone and barely able to defend yourself” he said playfully as he grabbed the two branch handles and slowly began pulling Artew’s lifeless body out of the clearing on his wooden bushcraft stretcher. “I can defend myself just fine thank you….” I said as I followed them both deep into a part of The Enchanted Forest I was told to avoid if possible…

….. Anyway The Story Series song download scene flowed and continued on in more details, but when you’re creating in the way I am I didn’t necessarily know how much of the story to expose yet. As mentioned, I didn’t even know why Artew had been injured to begin with nor where I was along The Story Series path. Without giving it all away and in hopes of better explaining my creative storytelling processes, this scene will go on to have Gavin explain how careless I was in the forest…. view last seasons muggle realm attempts at becoming Nature Girl before I truly knew who I was…

….anyway it just made sense since Artew was in no shape to continue along our quest for the sceptre anyways. I decided to allow my fantasy realm self to take this as an opportunity to stay at his hunting camp for 3 days and 2 nights….

….I didn’t really know if it would lead to anything more than that, though I had already known I would be in a camp as those song download scenes had already been written prior. At the time, I just hadn’t realized it would be Gavin and his men inside them.

The coolest part of this new Character was that the muggle realm human being inspiring Gavin was a COMPLETE shock to me. I didn’t really see it coming. It’s not like I sit down and decide “Hey! this person in my 3D muggle reality is really cool and inspirational, let’s add them into the story” …no, it wasn’t like that at all. It was completely random and quite the surprise…as these are all spiritually channelled. I was super intrigued, as new character inspiration always had me curious and this character was helping out both Artew and NG. Any human venturing inside as a core Character in The Story Series meant they had a purpose to the overall vibration of the project and a unique lesson for the audience.

Interesting indeed.

A Huntsman seemed completely perfect for me right now. In the present moment of my reality I was truly stepping into my authentic Nature Warrior power. So learning about the land and primitive ways of being one with nature deeply appealed to me. Finally reaping the rewards I had sewn in regards to my inner healing journey over the past two year left me feeling really open, ready to speak my truth and hold my boundaries. I no longer needed anyone, so now I got to choose who I wanted inside my Fairytale and he was definitely a part of The Story Series I wanted to explore further…. but I guess that’s another scene song download for a different day…

Honoured to serve alongside you,


-Nature Girl


Thank you for reading and Joining the Journey! Find me on instagram @NGNatureTribe


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