Musings, The Story Series

I was bridging the realms…

May was right around the corner and though I was still far from consistent with my yoga my devotional Tree practices had become a daily morning ritual (I film them LIVE on the tribe insta so come join! Avail for 24hrs each day!) I knew that I was slowly creepy in the right direction. I was doing massive inner work on the fly all while writing, creating and serving. I was determined to show people how one could truly bridge the realms between what they were trained to believe and what was actually possible. When I changed my main goal target for 2020 from “creating The Story Series” to  “serving as my truest most divine self”…I truly did NOT expect them to be the same thing.

However, now that I was fully owning my own truth and belief in The Story Series, it allow others in alignment with my unique vibration of service the opportunity to join in. I wanted others to be able to play inside a magical fantasy realm I had unlocked in my co-creation with Nature…

….the opening up of The Story Series felt even more grounded between the fantasy realm and the muggle one as more and more Nature Warriors were attracted into it. I was grateful! It was finally something REAL and it was literally just because I chose it to be.

You see, the truth is EVERYONE has their own unique story and just like a comic book (which I don’t read but enjoy the style of storytelling) every character has their own backstory and mission. I believe that all humans also have their own character(s). I didn’t need to know your Story for you to come play in The Nature Tribe’s. For, when you really get down to it we are really all the same flow of imaginative creative energy manifesting our individual experience. I wanted people to have a Happily Ever After that lived on by experiencing the greatest Fairytale of all – Mother Nature’s unconditional love story!

I was humbled at how much energy everyone else had started pouring into it. It was helping me anchor The Story Series, here in the 3D reality of the human experience. Their energetic commitment to my mission allowed me to open up and release control of how the story unfolded.

Truth be told I still want to make, film and co-create The Story Series in the way I’ve envisioned it. I just needed to attract those wishing to create that alongside me. I wanted to tell my story and allow space, fluidity and freedom for others that also served Mother Nature in my similar performing way the chance to do the same. Opening this process allows me to offer you the opportunity to follow along… maybe even participate.

All I knew was that I was sick of spending so much of my energy and time on something the world wasn’t experiencing.. so I threw it out there and opened my “Book”

As far as I was concerned, I was open. Yes, of course I had my own agenda, we were, in fact in my Story unwinding but everyone uniquely guided, contributed and inspired it’s evolution and flow. I think that’s why I always referred to my page as The Nature Tribe and why the name The Story Series, just felt like what it was way back when it originally started. I always hoped and dreamed it wouldn’t be just me. We were the Nature Warriors, a TRIBE… The Story, a Series…. it was designed and created to flow and allow others opportunities to create and heal within it.

The ONLY time I really needed to consciously steer things was when it became evident there was action required on my part. You know, those forks in the road life throws at you. It was a choose your own adventure and I had just decided….

….I needed to KNOW which way my path was heading and when I found myself at a cross roads I opened up and in my world silence is an answer. I wasn’t chasing anything other than dreams. I WAS the Fairytale and as I mentioned in my previous post, I had a new potential romantic Character vibin’ into the story.  The trickiest and most difficult part about this isn’t writing, creating or living it…

…’s revealing it lol

Needless to say that when I posted this Nature Dance Narrative on my YouTube I was having quite the anxiety attack; what the fuck was I committing to!? I often self sabotaged my dreams due to lack of confidence, even though the external world was often shocked to hear me, Alison Wright, say she held back in anyway….I was always holding SO MUCH MORE away. This particular experience and vision had me scared.

When The Trees and Spirit gave me the go ahead after meditating, their message was – Just Create It. There was this other scene I had also gone into recently, involving Moinka’s Character and contained messaging in the story basically saying “Simply write it”. It was so true, while anyone following me at this point was simply waiting patiently for something to ground in 3D reality, I was still very much flowing through whatever the fuck The Story Series truly was. Anyway I recommend watching it so you can essentially experience a live action glimpse at one of my song downloads.

In the actual scene I wish to create for the second “book” maybe season? of The Story Series was really interesting….

It felt HUGE and epic and if I’m completely honest almost felt super physically grounded, as if we were on some outdoor stage and there were not only people watching us in the audience but people JOINING in! I saw soooo many different Nature Warriors, Mother Nature’s Helpers and the like in the scene and it felt more magical than anything I’ve ever seen Spirit show me. The Trees are super excited that I’m beginning to get bolder about sharing their magic and the Nature Warrior and Nature Magic in Motion Activations with you all. They are coming, I am working HARD! I’m super excited to tell you more about The Story Series, the Nature Warriors coming to join me and  about my adventures with Gavin

Thank you all so much for joining me on my quest,

Honourably Yours,


-Nature Girl

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