Hello from the Other Side…

Hi there,

I apologize for dropping off of the earth completely but times in the fantasy realms are getting worse by the day and I didn’t have access to my muggle gear. Animist has been completely converted by NajRolf into some sort of subhuman robot version of himself and me and the other Nature Warriors have been doing our best to stop him without killing him. His mind has been completely wiped clear of all our memories… it’s like I don’t exist.

I ended up running into him in NajRolf’s dungeon when Raven & Karm caught me at Gavin’s camp when I was down with a broken ankle…

…that’s a story for another day.

However, now i find myself stuck in NajRolf’s clutches until my Nature Warrior Allies can get me out.. looks like summer is a write off. Anyway… I just wanted to check in and let you know that I am in hibernation mode at the Tree Elders request this summer. I will commit to nothing. I am creating all of this as my Service and I serve the Trees.


Follow my insta if I update anywhere it’ll be there.


Nature Girl needs to reset, hide away in the enchanted forest and PREPARE to birth the biggest Winter Magical Story Series for all you Nature Warriors out there.


I may blog, I may upload to youtube, I may go on social but overall. In “reality” I’m currently healing an injury and it’s because I was overloading myself… so I will be allowing the pendulum to swing the complete opposite way until I feel healthy enough to be online again.


I appreciate your support of me on my quest.


Love you all!!!



– Nature Girl

….whenever you are lost, simply go to the Trees…. they know what love would do in EVERY situation and they are so supportive if you take the time to form a relationship with one. They can be your Allies here as we move and transition towards a unified earth 🙂 xoxox

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