I just needed to type…I am a writer by nature and it was something that I only did privately nowadays. It was almost 2 years ago but looking back it was starting to make sense. Rob, my now best friend forever and soul tribe mate never had inspired a Character in The Story Series. He was already deeply inside the Fairytale though…

…so much so that once he brought Nature Girl a wand back from the Deep Enchanted Forests of BC’s Pacific Rim National Park, had me close my eyes as he proceeded to speak out something so intensely magical and of The Tree Elders I thought he had written it. He knew me, he respected my mission and though he was a city slicker, party gangster, woman loving charming Leo he was definitely a great friend to me, the wildest “Trealer” as he had called me one day. “That’s what you are you know?! You’re The Trealer! You Heal Trees” … wow, he already saw that in me, even when I just giggled and didn’t know if that could ever be true in the muggle realm.

Anyway Rob was never assigned a character and but he definitely ignited something inside me. We had a deep soul love that was pure and unconditional. Rob was someone you just felt safe with. He was definitely in a lower vibration womanizing energy, but he was in it in full awareness, respect and care for divine feminine, he knew who he was and where he wanted to work on himself. So when we met and things instantly went platonic. “This is really deep” he said, looking at me as he pulled me close one day when we were on the trails. I sighed and looked at his golden eyes and dopey puppy face grin and placed my hand on his bearded chin, “It is” as a tear slipped down my cheek, being too slow to get my hand there fast enough to wipe it away sooner. “This is going to take a while to heal through” He reaffirmed this truth again, almost as if reminded himself I was a woman who was off limits romantically. Rob was exactly what I needed at the time in every way.

He triggered me, held space for me, validated me and allowed me a safer male connection in the blurred line friend zone and we had a great year together. Anyway… I wrote this back in 2018 and now that I’ve finally allocated him a character, Prince Elyk, I felt called to share it now… Spirit seems to think that a “Song Download” will manifest after I share this part of my past with you..

so here is one of our muggle realm memories…

Sometimes the moments I experience in life can’t be given justice by pen and paper. Last night was magical…my whole life has become magical. Living life in the moment and letting go of control has completely transformed my life.
The Lindsey Stirling Concert – lawn at the Budweiser stage on July 27th 2018 – the night of the full blood moon lunar eclipse was one of the greatest days of my life. I felt so authentic, so raw, so free…. so me, completely ME. 
I really connected with myself on a whole new level that night and in turn that allowed me to connect much deeper with those around me. Everything about the evening was incredible.  From the moment I arrived everything seemed to be in complete alignment with what I had hoped this concert would be. Beginning by opening with “The Arena”, as I was staring out holding the railing I turned and began dancing my way up through the lawn to join my friends that accompanied me. I don’t know if it was the moon, the dancing or the combination of a live orchestra but I was able to forge deeper bonds with everyone around me…
As I danced I closed my eyes and allowed my movement to evolve to a place past thought. It was so raw and authentic it became almost intoxicating. I couldn’t stop, smashing songs (by my measurement) like elements, the arena, night vision, moon trance, shatter me and take flight. Some people openly expressed they thought I was on drugs but it didn’t let their opinions stop me from going even deeper. I was giving out my DYY shirts and dancing with anyone else that was brave enough to get up and be who they wanted to be through movement.  My DYY movement idea was really happening, and just because I chose to believe in myself and had a desire to share this gift of pure freedom I had found for myself. I couldn’t stop dancing, one song after another, it was like she only played the songs I knew and liked. When “beyond the veil” came on I couldn’t even tell you what I danced like but it was RAW AF and something inside me just changed and I no longer cared what people thought of me at all…. I danced more authentically than I could have EVER done even at home alone. It was epic. I had never achieved this level of authenticity. Ever….and it felt unlike anything I’ve ever experience….
….until she played “Crystallize”
I’m not confident in my ability to express what that song is to me now as a result of that night with Rob, especially considering how significant and important it already was to me. To the average onlooker perhaps we looked like a lifeless, bored couple; with me in front of him and his hand placed carelessly on my hip, but to us there was nothing else and I know that was equally felt on his end too.
Crystallize was how I found Lindsey Stirling, how I came to know that my at home alone dance could even be the fairy tale I had dreamed of…a song that took me out of the harsh realities of my life and allowed me to live in the beautiful world in my mind. That song was the only one of hers I originally had on my music rotation, it had taken me through heartbreak, abandonment, through hope, despair, pure joy, magic and transformed into pure freedom. So when he looked at me after I had finished dancing with Nadia for his turn to dance with me…as “Crystallize” THE song, MY song, the song I came for started to play I hesitated….but it’s Rob, and so I simply put aside my need to dance my own dance and walked over to meet him at his….
…Rob loves dancing so when he led me to stillness at his side I just took a deep breath and melted into his energy as I often did in his presence. He has a certain calmness about him that makes me feel like home and as a result I find it easy to live in his vibe. So I stood there, in front of him off to his right, his hand slowly moving to my hip in a way that barely committed to the gesture but somehow still held me still.  So I boldly pulled it into place keeping my hand over his, reaffirming his action was indeed reciprocated. Our energy felt like nothing I have ever experience with another person. So I just stood there with him, still not moving. As I watched the stage I focused on opening my heart to allow the flow of the song into me and in turn picked up even more awareness of his heart chakra energy. I couldn’t help but go into it…. further and further just feeling how my energy felt in his and I liked it. There’s something almost limitless about our energetic connection and I’ve never tried to explain it.
This vibe mixed with the fact that the song had such an emotional charge for me, made my eyes well up with tears. I couldn’t tell whether or not he knew I was crying but he offered only stable presence and I accepted it, moving my body completely in front of him to align our hearts completely and he moved his other hand on my opposite hip in a way that let me know he was feeling it too. His leg started moving a bit near the end of the song and I was completely focused on connecting to his dance so I move gently with him, careful to recognize when I start trying to amp it up and relaxing back into him, just allowing myself to experience the energy that we are together. Just as the song ends he allowed his hands to move up the sides of my body, up my arms as they found my shoulders and he just massages them and squeezes me tightly. I turn around and hug him, chest to chest, in a deep and really loving embrace. Then I just thanked him for giving that experience to me.
Even just writing it out again makes me realize it was my favourite part of a completely epic evening…
It was my favourite part…
…. and I didn’t even dance.
I wasn’t even dancing.”

Potent eh? So since Rob was never even a character in The Story Series until just recently, as the Original source of inspiration for that character was my muggle friend Kyle Pearce, hence the name Elyk (which is Kyle spelt backwards) now none of his energy is fuel to any of the song downloads containing Elyk…. but that’s why grounding this live Story is so important. Things had a certain way of revealing themselves as they needed to and as I mentioned in the previous posts The Story Series was a healing fantasy realm and this bridged the muggle realm and thus was an organic as Mother Nature herself. The ONLY reason this has been posted is because it’s serving someone or the creation as a whole…

…due to my deep love of Rob and the gratitude I feel for our friendship I am honoured he’s agreed to enter into The Story Series…. I can’t wait for you to see his lessons and service unfold…


Honoured to serve you,

Nature Girl




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