The Stargate….

I’ve decided to continue on in my path, walking the Storyline I am co-creating with Nature. If one thing kept my heart grounded it was Nature and the Tree alliances I had formed with the Elders gave my dreaming powers a much needed anchor into Earth itself.

2020 was almost over and life was completely unpredictable and unknown and if I’m honest, despite the hands I had been dealt to level up and move forward, I still felt curious about where each day would take me.

I realize that those following my journey probably don’t really understand much about it. How could one really understand another lens on life if they weren’t directly interacting with it? I was very much aware of my connection to everything now. Observing myself was painful at times, but breath work, movement and embodiment of my own storyline helped me move through life in my own way. I never really understood what I was doing and sometimes I still don’t…

…but I do know that I find writing cathartic for my soul and grounding for my mind’s dream scapes… The Dreaming Realm felt like the most interesting place I had ever experienced and my imagination found it addictive. This feeling can be comparable to someone constantly playing videogames or binge watching netflix. I never did either of those…. which could’ve been one of my biggest oversights; I only consumed the SOUNDSCAPES …. but I wasn’t fully aware of what archetypes, storylines and deeply intergrated romantic attachment and gender separation was bred right into our weaves.

This forced me to further embody my own story or “game” as it were to act and play things out inside me. Becoming such a deeply conscious observer to my own divine channel was brutal. It was an experience for sure! but it was BRUTALLY painful to witness your purity in states like that, aware of the “why” and the “wounds” behind everything you believed you loved and dreamed for.


I love myself. I love the part of me that EMBODIED that fully and acted it ALL out of me. I healed YEARS of wounding fully to my core of being because all those around me allowed me to fully embody and move through my own truths. However that is a tale for another time.

I just wanted to write to an audience. I would like to begin dropping in daily to share what’s going on in my Faery Tale life. I really do believe that we are all the leading role inside our own book. I started writing a Fairytale projecting and dissecting romantic attachment in hopes of showing others that True Unconditional Love could be found through ones Divine Union with Nature….

… I didn’t realize that to walk straight aiming towards that for myself as the example embodied would be of more service than packaging my wounded healer method where I was constantly in my own shadows.

Now that I fully understand my soul mission here is to be the director, writer and star of my own story it is my hope to inspire you, the reader, to open yourself back up to your dreams, open yourself back up to your heart, open yourself back up to your inner magic….

….for life is there waiting for you to realize that YOU have already arrived at your Happily Ever After….

….and we are Co-creating the world we all wished on stars to see, because we are those very stars πŸ™‚

Walking straight,


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