The Kundalini Explosion…

Every day I wake up. I remain nestled under my covers as I reach for my phone and turn off the alarm. I toss on this 26min Abundance Meditation and allow myself to wake up slowly as I strive to embody my most abundant and joyous self.

Kundalini Face

Afterwards I rise. I get up and head to the bathroom and make coffee as anyone else would typically do. I’ve started getting into the habit of dancing and moving in the morning, as it’s one of my most favourite things to do. Not only as a means of moving energy and setting myself into a calmer state for the day, but also because dancing is where I do my best dream weaving.

Yes, I said Dream Weaving.

I had often discussed it, I had modelled it and actually quite frequently stated that we were all one imagination and all collectively dreaming together. However, it wasn’t until I had a “Healer” in a state of spiritual ego (quite a common enemy of the “enlightened”) blow my kundalini through to 3rd eye, that I fully grasped that truth. I had asked for this but there was lots looking back that I wish I had asked him, studied and/or meditated on prior to allowing this to happen. I was a novice and I had been working with this particular healer for years. He was quite effective and though he had breached my trust in the past and was ridden in attachment due to the harsh realities of owning the label of a “twin flame path” he was blinded by his own agenda. He never warned me that I could go manic, nor did he help ground me when I did. He never told me that it would completely blow all my wounds out of my Charka system that hadn’t already been cleared (which now I’m left looking at consciously as I move through them). However, he was a good person inside and ego gets the best of us. I have fallen victim to my own Phantoms plenty of times on my sacred path here and this was definitely where I was made a lot more clear of how many ghosts I had yet to face.

For those that don’t know, kundalini is a life force of energy that many Eastern cultures refer to as a snake that lies dormant in your womb “basket” and can be risen with devotional practice of clearing the chakras (mainly with breath/movement) and rising your own inner Ka flow us the spine to achieve deeper states of unity consciousness. Anyway, I’m not a specialist by any means on the topic, but I had been working with my own kundalini energy flow through movement and with him slowly working through the chakra system.

There have been many documented cases (including some of my past clients, as a practicing Shaman) where people have become quite ill, mentally, or otherwise, when the kundalini is forced through before the Charka system is “clear”. A good visual for this is clogged pipes and when the water gets turned on; all that sludge must come out. So, needless to say, when this happened I had a lot of “sludge” come out of me. Thankfully Arch Angel Michael had stopped me from rising through to crown. The healer said Michael has never stopped him with a student before and my other Mentor, the Druid Wizard Jack McKeever believes that if Michael hadn’t come to intervene I’d still be in the psych ward.

Anyway, you don’t really need to understand too much about the Kundalini to get into my story, but it was an interesting experience due to the nature of what I had all my charkas entangled in upon opening my third eye fully; it was a complete MESS.

Since I was weaving The Story Series at the time, which was channelled (from my perception through my Guides & then grounded with the Tree Elders in the forest) as an Immersive Fairytale designed to lead “The Performer” inside you to unconditional love and embodied magic. The musical scenes I had constructed using personal experiences, past, present and future (limitless ideas) were all examples of romantically attached “love” and involved all the Characters showcasing their own inner transcendence of the attachment to a place of unconditional love, which in turned mirrored that of Nature’s and the Forest vibration pf oneness. I was leveraging a TON of imagination dramatic soundtracks from video games, movies and such, as well as deeply dissecting Disney; rewriting lyrics to make it serve the Trees and TRUE LOVE; which to me comes without conditions placed upon it.

Great idea right?

It was so inside my heart….until it EXPLODED.

My heart chakra was WOVEN into not only my own chakras, childhood wounding, ancestral, karmic and generational blindspots BUT it was also deeply entangled with other humans dreams, in my waking life AND Hollywood with a large dose of Disney…..

…. WOW, I had been dancing THROUGH old known wounds I had healed to embody the energy in a place of transmutation but I was doing so in ignorance of just what I was actually opening myself up to when I channelled something from the Collective Imagination, like Disney or lets say Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey…. it may not make sense, but this really truly showed me that EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is functioning in a unit. Like we really truly are….. so seeing, like legit SEEING my own entanglements and how young they were and how connected they were into LARGE gridded spells with the masses and then on the flip side what those “fairytale” things and archetypes were also manifesting as in “real life” it was terrifying to say the least.

I won’t go into details today but imagine dancing “consciously” to Katy Perry and having a great Nature Warrior scene inside your embodiment, to then, once more aware of self and the dreaming realm SEE images of her and other celebrities doing intense blood ceremonies and magick. THEN google that and see that apparently these actually ARE streams of “reality” and everything you saw in a “manic” state was actually a Fact. I never researched. That was the most interesting part of this. Never once did I look stuff up, maybe casually at best. But afterwards… that’s when I reversed researched using another dreamer as a pinpoint to untangle myself. I learned everything through “experiencing” it (in quotes because I only fully embodied it inside my own dream…. so it was technically “real” and works very effectively. That is one small example of the Dark Side of everything I was embedded inside with clean eyes….

….but they weren’t clean! They were BLINDED!!! I was always a “Seer” it was a gift I was born with, one I would numb and close off more of my human life, only to FINALLY start using it, trusting it and using it… but I was still blinded. This is a lesson I was glad to witness inside myself; The ILLUSION of Power. The Ego will always want to be seen, to be in control, to be the one “running the show” and my Ego LOVED being this Mr/Ms Ringleader. So I had to dive deep into myself, my wounding and my “why” surrounding a lot of the Characters I had been embodying. Observing yourself fully while feeling soooooooo infinitely pure was an amazing experience. I was soooooooooo divinely supported throughout this and the experience of landing back safely in the 3D has me in awe of the people that vibed in to ground my story mind…

….because now I’m here: writing it again.

I’m not sure how much of the past I will reveal, I’m not sure how this will evolve…but what I can tell you is this: I was BORN into this experience to challenge “reality” and it’s edges. I was BORN to fully embody my own Fairytale experience and there are others with this same mission. I have seen them inside the Dream Weave and in this muggle dimension as well. We are the ones that feel that Magical call inside our hearts…

….We are the ones that came here to forge a Fellowship, to take on a Quest laid out by Tolkien himself. I can’t speak for certain but the Tree Elders keep speaking to me of the Great Forest Walk and how there are so many of us living as the Stars in our own Dreams. Trust me when I say there are so many more of my kind; all doing our unique piece to a grand vision, all braving our own shadows to join each other on the “battlefield” of SELF, all walking the straightened arrow that calls us to ground the unknown, the imagination, the dream….

….we walk consciously, knowing that as we face ourselves we can more readily inspire others to do the same. We weave consciously by becoming alchemists in our own storylines and we dream above the realms of the collective imagination; in a place that’s lighter and archetypes become essences you can tap into like a mask. The Dreaming Realm is a beautiful space and there are SOOOOOOOO many of us walking and working there. #DreamWorks

….I believe we are writing our own stories as we walk them through Middle Earth and bring Nature’s Magical Essence back to life.

Be your own star!


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