The Standing Warriors

As a Wisdom Keeper of the Enchanted Forest Realms consciously acting in aligned service to the Tree Elders of our lands I wanted to create a section on my website that was solely dedicated to the other Tree Medicine holders or #StandingWarriors that walk among us. So please leverage the dropdown menu in this section to find other Tree Magic & Medicine in our world and the unique gifts they bring forth from the Trees through their individual heart led service.

*If YOU are someone that considers themselves a Standing Warrior or Tree Guardian/Wisdom Keeper then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly and I’d happily share your gifts and Tree Spirit Magical Medicine on my website.

The Trees need voices and people representing the healings, teachings and wisdom that’s readily available to those that choose to access it. I am always honoured to collaborate with other Naturlings, Light Warriors and Tree BEings.

In devotional service,

– Alison