Brooke from Cultured Forest

Brooke from Cultured Forest is one epic Lorax and she resides in NYC and brings people out into nature and teaches them the sacred art of Forest Bathing. Her mission is all about harnessing the power of art and nature to promote a balanced life by creating healing environments and experiences.

Brooke offers both outdoor and online courses and group chats which include practicing mindful nature meditations, Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) and immersive group tree/nature discussions designed with community healing in mind.

Taken from her website: 

“Brooke Mellen founded Cultured Forest to share and merge her passion for culture, art and the outdoors.  She advises individuals and corporations on how to have enriching and healing experiences through nature and art. This can be done through a guided Forestbathing experience or by building a nature-inspired, sustainable Art Collection.  She has a background in Insurance and Art Business with a Masters in Visual Arts Administration from New York University. She has traveled the world studying how other cultures connect with nature and art and uses this knowledge to help others find better connection and well-being in their lives. She is Certified in Forest Medicine by the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine (INFOM) and holds a Certificate in Forest Therapy from the International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance (INFTA).  She is certified in Wilderness First Aid by NOLS.

 Brooke previously worked at several organizations including Sotheby’s, Marsh, Jack Shainman Gallery and W.R. Berkley and uses this experience in both corporate and arts environments to provide her clients with unprecedented professional experiences.  She currently resides in New York City.”

Mission Statement: 

“Cultured Forest started with the intent to aid our clients in finding balance and well-being by promoting awe inspiring experiences in Art and Nature.  We believe in creating environments and opportunities for growth. 

 We do this by encouraging our clients to find healing opportunities whether it be through the appreciation of a beautiful work of art, a traveling adventure or Forest Bathing. Forest Bathing involves the art of taking in the forest atmosphere through mindfulness exercises that improve productivity, creativity and health.  We believe an enriched life of cultural and outdoor experiences leads to empowered individuals and communities.”

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