Monika Ghent – Tree Spirit Medicine

Monika Ghent – Tree Spirit Medicine Keeper

Monika Ghent is one amazingly gifted Tree Keepers among our muggle lives. She is as magical as they come and she is a wise holder of the Tree Elders Spirit medicine. Monika lives in Maple ON with her husband Michael, who runs the Living Earth School of Herbalism. These are two of the most loving individuals I have ever met. I am probably bias, but I really respect the work they’re doing here and they’re both such gifted Healers and wise Teachers but are as humble as they come in regards to their powers and their service.

Trees mean the world to me and so far Monika is the only one here that I have found on my journey who speaks the magic of Trees I feel inside me and she is the ONLY one I’ve found that is actually a holder of their Tree Spirit Medicine in this unique form. She is the real deal! Her dream journey’s will change your life and help you forge a deeper connection to Trees. Which to both her and I are pure unconditional love. Monika’s wisdom of Trees, Plants and all their powerful Spiritual Magical Medicine; Lucky are those who’s energies find themselves colliding with her along their soul’s path.

Taken from her website:

“Monika is a Western traditional herbalist who has a private practice in the west end of Toronto and in Maple, Ontario. She is also a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer having studied with Eliot Cowan, Huichol shaman and author of ‘Plant Spirit Medicine’. Monika is a professional member of the Ontario Herbalists Association and the Plant Spirit Medicine Association.

Monika was blessed with the opportunity of growing up in the countryside of Southern Ontario where she spent a lot of her time in nature observing, listening and being. After spending time with indigenous people in the Amazon jungle she began her study of herbal medicine when she returned. Monika began her professional practice as an herbalist in 1997. She is an advocate of being in respectful relationship with the Earth and all living beings. As a healer, Monika helps people come to know the beauty of their uniqueness and live their truth to its fullest expression in health and wholeness.

Monika is a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer, Distance Healer, Traditional Western Herbalist, teacher and counselor and have a practice in both the Roncesvalles Village in Toronto and in Maple, Ontario. 

She is a Professional Member  of the Ontario Herbalists Association holding the title of ‘Registered Herbalist’ and of the Plant Spirit Medicine Association hold the title of ‘Plant Spirit Medicine Healer’.

She runs the Living Earth School of Herbalism with her husband Michael Vertolli, which offers certificate and diploma programs in Western Traditional herbalism and related fields of study, general interest workshops and online classes.”

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